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Each week we record TMT with the intention of making the shows available via Joy 94.9 and the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA) network. The main issue for us is the time as it takes to put a podcast together, somewhere between 8 and 10 hours. With all the things that I get involved with, my time just seems to disappear; the person who said I would have plenty of time when I left work was lieing.

Please be patient, the wait will be worth while.

Our Podcasts can be accessed directly from the Joy website at, just click on Podcasts, select Transmission Time and the program you want to listen to. You can also get directly to our podcast page by Clicking Here.

Available Podcasts

Program 209 - Interview with Georgina Beyer, the world's first Transsexual Politician
Georgina Beyer was the world’s first transsexual to be elected as a city mayor and later a member of parliament. She served two terms in the New Zealand parliament as the member for Wairarapa from 1999 to 2007. This interview was recorded on the 18th January 2005 just prior to her coming to Melbourne to speak at the Health Indifference Conference. In this candid interview, she talks about her early life as a comedian and how she was elevated to the position of stripper. She also talks about a life changing experience that turned her life around and how she became the Mayor of Carterton before being approached by the NZ labour party to enter national politics. A truly revealing interview with one of the worlds leading transgender icons.
TMT 209 18-01-2005 - Georgina Beyer.mp3

Program 295 -
Changing your name
Lauren and Jayne discuss the process of Jayne changing her legal name. We also talk about the perennial issue of transgender people using gender appropriate toilets and the issues around the introduction of Airport Body Scanners.
TMT 295 17-06-2008 - Changing Your Name.mp3

Program 312 - Interview with Victoria Police GLLOs
Jayne and Lauren talk with Sergeant Scott Davis and Senior Constable Gabrielle Tyacke of Victoria Police’s Gay and Lesbian Liaison Officer [GLLO] unit. In this interview we discuss the background and purpose of the GLLO unit and its relevance to the transgender community. We discuss how a transgendered person would be treated by Victoria Police by proposing that Jayne has been misbehaving and has been detained and then arrested. While this is a light hearted discussion, it explains general police policies around questioning, identification, search, arrest and detention of transgender people. We also raise the proverbial question of transgendered people using public restrooms and department store change rooms when purchasing clothes.
TMT 312 14-10-2008 - Victoria Police.mp3

Program 313 - Interview with Joshua Hewitt, Son of TG Parent
Over the years we have presented many stories about the transition process, but usually from the transitioning person’s perspective. Author playwright Joshua Hewitt had his father transition from male to female in the late 1990’s and in this interview we talk to him about how he and other family members coped with Karen’s transition. This is a unique perspective on how one family coped with this rather uncommon family event. We apologise for the quality of the first minute of audio: this was caused by technical problems and was outside our control. We felt it was worth including this small amount of poor audio for completeness of the program.
TMT 313 21-10-2008 - Sibling of TG Parent.mp3

Program 315 - Transsexual Gene

Interview with Lauren Hare and Ian Muchamore from the the Prince Henry's Institute about finding a variation in a particular gene in male to female Transsexuals. This interview with the lead researcher/primary author of the paper was recorded on 4th November 2008. We were very privileged to have this interview as it was the only in depth interview they did.
TMT 315 04-11-2008 - Transgender Genes.MP3

Program 328 - Tenth Anniversary Show - The Magic Pill
This episode of Transmission Time’s aired on 2nd February 09 and celebrated our tenth year on air with Joy 94.9 in Melbourne. Lauren and Jayne were joined by Michael to discuss the taking of the fictitious 'Magic Pill' that would make your Gender Issues go away. The issue is discussed in two parts; would you take the pill when you first found out that you had gender issues and would you take it in now in 2009. The results of a small survey carried out by Jayne and respondents comments are also discussed. Michael also talks about the problems of phalloplasty (building a penis) for F2M transsexuals.
TMT 328 03-02-2009 - 10 anniversary show - Magic Pill.mp3

Program 344 - Living with a Transgender Partner
In this interview with Sherryl we explore her life with a transgender partner. In this very frank interview, Sherryl talks about her personal life and how a relation with a transgendered person can prosper and grow. While the interview is done in a very light hearted way, the interview covers the serious issues of family, personal relationships and raising children where one partner is Transgendered. We also pay tribute to the life of Virginia Prince who was a pioneer in bringing transgender issues to the fore in the US and across the world. Virginia was the first person to coin the word ‘transgenderist / transgender’ in reference o M2F people, a term now used across the world. We also take a quick look at Jayne’s citizenship ceremony and a Eurovision Song party.
TMT 344 26-05-2009 - Sherryl & Trans Partner.mp3

Program 366 - Interview with Dr intan Harte - Monash Gender Centre
In this interview with Dr Fintan Harte, the director of the Monash Gender Dysphoria Clinic, we talk about the Clinic's history and the current guidelines for starting hormones and the requirements for Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS). This is unique insite into the changing face of treatment for gender dysphoria especially in light of the proposed changes the the pyscharist's bible, the Dysgnostc and Statistatal manual or as it is more commonally known the DSM.
TMT 366 04-05-2010 - Fintan Harte.mp3

Program 391 - Sex Re-assignment Surgery
In this program, Jayne & Rebecca discuss the various methods of sex re-assignment surgery currently available for male to female transgender women. Rebecca also talks about how she went about choosing a surgeon and why she decided to have her surgery in Thailand. This is an extremely frank discussion and goes into some detail of the surgery and how the ‘male’ genitalia is re-shaped to form the neo-vagina. See also the associated program 392 on SRS after care.
TMT 391 26-10-2011 - SRS with Rebecca.mp3

Program 392 - Post Sex Re-assignment Surgery After Care
In this program, Jayne & Rebecca talk about vaginal maintenance post having sex reassignment surgery. Many people believe that having Sex Re-assignment Surgery (SRS) is the end of the road, but in reality it is just the start of a lifetime of work to maintain what the surgeon had given you and as Rebecca says to keep your new vagina “factory fresh".

Like program 391 on SRS techniques, this is an extremely frank discussion and goes into why this ‘maintenance’ is required and how it is carried out.
TMT 391 26-10-2011 - SRS with Rebecca.mp3

Program 400 - 400th TMT
In this program Jayne and Lauren look back over 12 years of Transmission Time. TMT first appeared on the air-waves on Monday the 1st February 1999 in the 2 hour 'grave yard shift' position at 11pm. As far as we know, Transmission Time is the oldest free to air transgender based radio programs in the world and the second oldest on the internet. Instead of Jayne & Lauren just talking about them selves and what the program has meant to them, Rebecca takes over as the interviewer and reverses the roles so that Jayne and Lauren have to answer the questions.
TMT 400 28-12-1011 - 400th Program - Looking Back.mp3

This interview is with
Cathy and Jayne about their life together and how Cathy has copped with Jayne's transition. In presenting this interview, we hope that it will help other couples in a similar situation. This interview was originally aired on Allego Non Troppo and we thank Adam Stobbs (RIP) for allowing us to re-use it.

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