Thursday, November 6, 2008

About Transmission Time

Transmission Time (TMT) is a radio program presented by two transgendered women that looks at life from a Transgendered perspective. Each week we look at issues from both local and abroad that are of interest to Transgendered people.

Our main aim is education for our non-Transgendered listeners, to highlight transgender issues and to let our closeted Transgendered listeners know that the world is not as scary as they perceive.

As well as looking at the serious issues, we feel that it is important to maintain balance by looking at the lighter side of life and bring smiles to our listener’s faces. Jayne’s long running comedy track showcases comedy from around the world and features comedy segments from the early days of radio to the present. Jayne’s personal favourite is the 1937 Abbot and Costello classic Who’s On First. You can look at this classic piece of comedy at

TMT first went to air on Monday night the 1st February 1999 between 11pm and 1am. Those early shows were hosted by Jayne, Katrina, Lauren and Sally on the graveyard shift as it was known; this was where all the new JOY programs and their untested presenters went. TMT later moved to a Sunday afternoon and later to a Tuesday evening where it remained for many years. I mid 2011, TMT moved to Wednesday evenings at 8pm where it has remained to this day .

In the early day of JOY Melbourne when JOY only had a “test transmission” license, the station transmitted on a 3 month on 3 month off rotation sharing the frequency with other aspirants hoping to get a “full time” license. During these times, JOY also had to share each week with another Community station and so was on air for only 4 days a week. TMT was often the last program on JOY's portion of the week and Jayne (the technical one) had the honour of switching our transmitter over to the “other” station sharing the frequency that week. It was quite a shock for JOY’s predominantly gay audience when at midnight on a Tuesday night, the airwaves were suddenly filled with a call to pray by the Muslims community radio station; the fun of community radio.

TMT is Australia’s oldest and longest running transgender based radio program. We believe that TMT is also the worlds first and oldest “free to air” Transgender radio program [editors note; I would be happy to receive advice on this if otherwise].

While Jayne and Lauren currently present TMT and have been there from the start, the long run that it has had would not have been a possible without the support and dedication of past co-presenters David, Hillary, Katrina, Sally & Sarah. Currently we have a third presenter, Rebecca, who now regularly fills in for Lauren or Jayne if neither of them can make it.

Transmission Time now airs every Wednesday evening at 8pm and can be heard on 94.9 fm or via the Internet at

To be continued….

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