Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Usefull Links

The links provided below are to Australian based Transgender social and support organisations or those that are Transgender friendly. While they are presented for convenience of users of this blog, the views expressed by those organisations do not necessarily express the views of the Transmission Time Team.

Gender Based Organisations

Gender Identity Support Group

A non-profit organisation for people who have issues with their gender identity, their families and supporters. Meetings and social events are regularly held at locations around Melbourne and Victoria so as to be accessible to not just city people but those living in more remote locations.

TG Meetup Melbourne
To meet & socialize with like-minded TG's, CD's, TV's & their friends in a safe,
warm atmosphere. To enable members to discuss identity and any issues with others who know & understand the issues on your level.

The Seahorse Club Of Victoria

A social support group for Cross Dressers, Transgendered People, Transsexuals and any one questioning their gender. Seahorse also runs an email discussion group where members can discuss transgender related issues on line.

Transgender Victoria Inc.

A not-profit community based organisation aiming for justice and equality for all transgendered people, including those who identify as cross dressers, those who identify as transgendered people and all other people with gender-related issues.

Trans Melbourne Gender Project

Trans Melbourne Gender Project is a coalition of people of all genders. We engage in activism and support around issues of gender. We meet in person and online.

ButchFemme Trans Melbourne
We welcome anyone with a connection to butch/femme/trans identies. How you interpert 'butch'. 'femme', 'lesbian' and/or 'trans' is up to you. Perhaps you hav an affinity with lables like 'queer', ' femme', 'gay', 'butch', 'lesbian', 'genderqueer'', transwoman', 'bisexual', 'transman', 'intersex', 'transexual', 'cross-dresser', 'female', 'male', . . . or none of these. Regardless of your gender or sexuality or who you may or may not be partnered to, we won't be checking your identity at the door - so feel free to come to our events and join in the fun!


Australian Transgender Support Association of Queensland Inc
The Australian Transgender Support Association of QLD (ATSAQ) was formed in 1990, to help, advise and assist the transgender community in Queensland. It is run by transgenders for transgenders and provides emotional/moral support for people with Gender Identity issues.

Other States Under Construction......
New South Wales / ACT
South Australia
Western Australia
Northern Territory

Non-Gender Organisations

The Anti Violence Project of Victoria
The Anti-Violence Project of Victoria is the peak body leading & instigating discussion & advocating for adequate funding to tackle violence related issues for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities in the State of Victoria, Australia.

Joy 94.9

Australia's only free to air GLBT radio station and the only place where you can listen to Australia's longest running transgender radio show.

Email Discussion Groups

Melbourne Girls
The Melbourne Girls tgirl group is designed to keep local tgirls in touch with one and other. It doesnt matter whether they are 'at home' tgirls or are 'out and about' on the town tgirls. Our members discuss all aspects of being TG but our emphasis is on the exchange of information on and about being a tgirl in Victoria.
Membership is required to participate.

Transgender Surgery
The aim of this group is to assist those of a transsexual nature to fulfill their physical transition steps by way of various types of surgery. We discuss related surgeons, and share our plans, results and degree of satisfaction with each other. It's a group for those having lived a reasonable time in their chosen gender, with a substantial need and desire to remain in their transitioned status, whether as women, or as men. These are permanent physical changes that typically involve major various surgeries, sizable expense, and possibly long recoveries. Membership is required to participate.

Other States Under Construction......

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