Monday, January 2, 2012

Jayne’s Work horse

Over the last few weeks of TMTs 2011 season, Jayne has been talking a little bit about the trials and tribulations that she has been having with her 50 year old tractor.

First it was a puncture in one of the rear tires, which are filled with water and very heavy. This tire was eventually repaired by an ‘on site’ tyre repair company whose specialisation was tractor tyres.

Later we heard of the problems she had when a fuel leak caused a small fire on the tractor requiring the injector pump to be overhauled and the replacement of one of the radiator hoses damaged by the fire. We followed her experience in dealing with the diesel mechanic who repaired the pump and who seemed a little surprised that she knew something about diesel engines and the pump problems.

We also heard of the trouble she had sourcing a suitable radiator hose, requiring multiple trips to automotive shops and a radiator specialist and receiving very good attention from the guys behind the counter: she thought that the level of service might have had something to do with the low cut tops she was wearing at the time.

We had an email while on air asking what type of tractor Jayne had. We were a little surprised at this given that we are a transgendered based radio program. Jayne’s tractor is a David Brown 990/B Implemetic built circa 1963 and is powered by a 52 bhp diesel engine. She has a number of implements for the tractor including a slasher, a carry all and a post hole digger. The tractor is fitted with a permanently mounted 6' 6" hydraulically operated grader blade at the front.

Note the small sola panel at the rear used to keep the battery charged when not in use for long periods of time

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