Saturday, December 31, 2011

400th Show

On the 28th December 2011, Transmission Time celebrated its 400th show on JOY 94.9. TMT is by radio program standards a very long running program having been on air for almost 12 years.

As a team, we know of only two other “free to air” radio based transgender programs and they are both in Australia.

1 'Out of the Pan' with Sally on 3CR

2 'Queer Action' on 2XX in Canberra with rotating hosts but with Stephanie doing a transgender based program every couple of weeks.

On the internet there is
Trans Talk on Falcon Radio in Bowling Green, Ohio with Marlene and Jen since about late 2008. We have known Marlene for many years, but Jen is a relatively new addition. This used to be a low power AM station, but now only streams on the web and via Cable network in their local area. Marlene is well known for her Transgender Timeline project which lists important dates in Transgender History: we have often quoted from her timeline

The longest running web based show that we could find is Gender Talk hosted by Nancy & Gordene which started in 1997 and has a similar number of shows under their belt as TMT.

This makes Transmission Time the second oldest Transgender program in the world and the oldest “free to air” Transgender based radio show in the world.

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