Friday, July 22, 2011

Rebecca's Time on TMT

TMT preparation does not always go to plan and in the first 3 weeks of TMT’s
2011 season, Lauren had interstate work commitments and I had a date in
hospital, so a long standing friend of mine, Rebecca stood in for us as required.
Below are Rebecca’s thoughts on joining TMT, even if it was for a few weeks
- Jayne

Rebecca's Thoughts
So my three week residency on Transmission Time ended tonight. Given I was
only meant to be on the show for one week, I have to say, the extended run just
shows how much you all really love me. But in show business, you always have
to leave them wanting more.

Yes, I'm still buzzing after a great show. It all seemed to last 15 minutes, so was
the energy in the studio tonight, but there is a lot more to it than just that hour
on air.

It had been fourteen years since I had spent any time in a radio studio as a host,
so I knew that if we were not prepared, the show would sound flat, and like two
people bumping into things in the dark, while trying to find the light switch. That
wouldn't have been fair on the audience, or the station, so I did my research, but
what I found was more than just show content.

You see, despite having a transsexual past, I don't live in the “trans community”
as such. I'm not denying my past, I just choose not to live there, and get on with
my life. So to research what is happening out there in the wide world really was
an eye opener for me. I learnt things I had forgotten, I learnt new things, I got
frustrated that the same issues that affected me when I first started out, are still
ongoing. It has been eight years since my journey began, not long in the
scheme of things, but really, why is it in that time we haven't sorted out the damn
toilet issue yet?

I think the thing that amazed me the most was the negativity. While the internet
and the speed at which information can be shared around the world today is
amazing, it is also just as quick at sharing negativity and hate. When going
through a transition, you start out with a lot of self doubt. To be confronted
with daily stories of beatings, public humiliation, denied rights, sex crimes and
even murder, would have anyone questioning if transitioning is the right thing to
do, because the world just isn't a safe place to do it in.

The media have a lot of responsibility to report facts, but this seems to have
been forgotten. Opinion is more highly rated than accountability. Being first
with a story is more important than being correct. The more shocking the
headline, the more audience you will get. There is no need to worry about the
affect your action will have on the person you are reporting about, the public
has a right to know; to hell with the consequences.

This is why I found Transmission Time an important show to do, and to
hopefully do it well. Sure it was a lot of fun, but in a world where there is so
much saying you can't, it stands as a light that says you can, and says it with a
smile on it's face. I hope some of the listeners learnt a few things over the last
three weeks, and from the feedback we received, it certainly seemed Jayne,
Lauren and myself were making a connection. I know I certainly learned a lot
from doing the show, despite being someone who has been there and done that.

Well, my time is up for now, but I wont say it's the last time. I certainly enjoyed
my short stint, and I hope you the audience enjoyed it too. Thanks for listening,
and reading.




Joy S. said...

Hi Rebecca, I enjoyed your time on the radio immensely. You have a wonderful radio persona. I even called up on the night and left a message to that effect, but it seems to have been lost in translation, and all I heard on air was that Joy called and said she enjoyed the show. It was much more than that. I applaud your courage, and truly believe you inspired me to be more than I am, to do more, and also get involved with JOY.
I hope to hear you again sometime!
From Joy S. (member 5970)

Rebecca said...

Hi Joy,
Thanks for your comments. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you, life has been a bit busy for me of late.

My courage has been helped by the journey of others. The courage of Jayne and Lauren to go to air with Transmission Time was one of the things that gave me the courage to go through with my transition.

I've been through a lot in my life, and I'm honoured to know that has inspired you in your life. Getting involved with Joy has been a wonderful experience for me, as I hope it is for you.

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