Thursday, December 10, 2009


We have added five more Podcasts to our growing collection of interviews from Transmission Time.

Programs in our Podcast collection are:

Changing your name in Victoria (Australia)
We look at the process of changing you name in Victoria, including what you have to do if you were borne overseas

Living with a transgendered partner
This is an interview with Sherryl about her life with a transgendered partner. While this is a very light hearted interview, it explores the serious issues of family, relationships and raising young children in a home where one partner is transgendered.
This is a very frank interview with Sheryl who guessed very shortly after they met that her new 'boyfriend' was transgendered.

Other podcasts include:

Victoria Police GLLOs
An interview with the Victoria Police Gay & Lesbian Liaison Offices about the law and being transgendered. We do this in a lighthearted manor by proposing that Jayne has been playing up and is arrested

Tenth Anniversary Show - The Magic Pill
Would you take a 'magic pill' to cure your feelings of gender identity to make you 'normal' in the eyes of society. We conduct a small survey to find out. Michael also talks about the problems of a working 'phalloplasty'

Transsexual Gene
An interview with the researchers at the Prince Henry's Institute who found variations in a gene in M2F transsexuals that could prove a biological cause of Transexualism

Interview with Joshua Hewitt, Son of TG Parent
We talk to actor playwright Joshua about the effect that his father's transition had on both him and other family members - a unique perspective

This is an Alegro Non Tropo (Joy 94.9) podcast that Jayne (TMT) and her partner Cathy did about their 37 years together
. While not a TMT program, it is presented because of the relationship issues it covers and how Cathy coped with Jayne's transition.

All these podcast can be accessed via the podcast button on the JOY 94.9 website or from the CBAA podcast page at

Sit back and enjoy the shows


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