Tuesday, February 10, 2009

10 Year Aniversary

Transmission Time celebrated its 10th year on air with JOY 94.9fm on Tuesday 3rd February 2009. Our first show was on Monday 1st February 1999 at 11PM and was presented by Lauren, Sally, Katrina and Jay (now Jayne). The 'About Us' part of this blog explains more about the early days of TMT.

Our pecial thanks goes out to all our loyal listeners who have supported us over the years with messages of support and encouragement or just by listening. Our long run would not have been possible without the co-presenters that have helped us over the years either by appearing behind the microphone or doing the research that has been the lifeblood of TMT.

Our thanks goes out to all our guests that have appeared on TMT over those years and provided ideas for the show.

Finally we would like to thank the management and staff of JOY 94.9 for taking a chance on us in those early days and for their ongoing support.

We thank you all

Lauren and Jayne
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